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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is a Carnet and why might I need one?
The Carnet is a temporary export document that eliminates the need for a Customs declaration at border points and the deposit of a guarantee, bond, or cash deposit in the country of temporary importation. It can be used for a trip covering more than one country and include numerous exits and re-entries in the country of origin during the period of validity of the document (i.e. one year)

2. Why do I have to provide a security?
The Carnet provides a guarantee to the Customs of a foreign country into which the goods are temporarily imported that all duties, taxes etc will be paid to them if the conditions under which they allow these into the country are breached.

3. Do I have to be a member of the London Chamber to have a Carnet?
No. London Chamber Members, however, receive a discount on standard prices.

4. Can I sell off a Carnet?
No. You sign an Undertaking with us to undertake to bring the goods back to the EU and failure to do could result in a fine.

5. Can I put consumable goods on a Carnet?
No. Everything on a Carnet must be returned to the EC.

6. What information do you require?
Apart from your company details the most important part of a Carnet is the List of Goods,which should be comprehensive and contain as much information for Customs that will enable them to readily identify the items. Marks and numbers, where they exist, are mandatory.

7. Are there any Customs prohibitions and restrictions?
The use of an ATA Carnet rather than customs documentation makes no difference to the need to meet Customs requirements for restricted and prohibited goods nor does it remove the requirements of licensing controls. Information regarding prohibited and restricted goods can be found in the Tariff, Volume 1, Parts 3 and 4. For information on export licensing, please contact: The DTI Licensing Unit. Tel: 020 7215 8070.

8. Can I get ‘Extra Vouchers’?
Yes. Additional vouchers can be obtained from the issuing office with a repeat fee payable.

9. Can I extend the validity of a Carnet? (Replacement)
No. But you can obtain a replacement Carnet this requires that you complete a new set of forms together with a new fee and security.

10. What happens if I lose my Carnet whilst valid? (Substitute)
You can obtain a substitute Carnet which will have the same details as the original, once again a repeat fee and security will apply. Alternatively, the goods covered by the lost or stolen Carnet may be entered to temporary importation.

11. Can I add extra items to the Carnet list?
No. Once a Carnet has been issued no extra item can be added to the list of goods.

12. What happens if my goods are lost or stolen?
If goods are covered by a Carnet are lost or stolen, the matter should be immediately reported to the customs authorities in that country where it occurred, together with a police report for insurance purposes.

13. Can my goods be destroyed under Customs control?
Some countries that are party to the ATA Convention may allow goods to be destroyed under Customs control. This means that goods not returning to the UK can still result in a monetary Claim.

14. Do I have to come to come in person to arrange the Carnet?
No, everything can be done on-line.

15. How do I authorise someone to apply for and use the Carnet on my behalf?
A Carnet may be issued in the name of an individual or a company who must be permanently resident in the United Kingdom. However, it may be used by any person provided the user carries a letter from the named holder authorising such use (see example of letter on our website). The holder may also allow an Agent to handle the Carnet through the customs on his behalf, again provided that the Agent holds a Letter of Authority. Box B should contain the statement: "Any Authorised Person".

16. What does Goods in Free Circulation mean?
In accordance with EEC Regulations 2913/92 and 2454/93, the Carnet will be issued in the European Community only for Community goods. N.B. Goods should be re-exported without having undergone processing or repair, except normal depreciation due to the use made of them. Normal Customs documentation must be used for the exportation of goods by post. For this purpose Community goods mean goods: A)obtained in the EC B)released to free circulation, or C)obtained or produced in the EC, either from goods referred to in B) or from A) and B).

17. Can I use a Carnet for transit alone?
The use of an ATA Carnet to cover transit operations only cannot be authorised, since the Carnet has been created bascially for purposes of temporary admission.

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